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What are Rich Snippets and how to use them on your site

Rich snippets were introduced by Google to enhance the user experience. But do you know what they are, how to use them and their importance in SEO? Find out now! It is the main goal of many businesses and bloggers to achieve the top rankings in Google search results. With these positions, the site receives a lot of traffic and stands out among the competitors. But the problem is that, after achieving this goal, many companies think: “I do not have to do anything else because I’ve reached the top”. But falling into the comfort zone can increase your competitor’s list. More Interesting:...

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What is structured data? How to use them on your website?

What exactly structured data is? How to use them on your website? Nowadays Structured data is becoming more necessary. It not only help search engines to understand your content and refine the results. But it helps in increasing the click-through rate and user experience on your site. When you combine structured data with Schema.org and enhance your pages with rich snippets, then the chances of receiving clicks will definitely increase. What is structured data? Structured data is information for robots that consist of a series of labels or annotations that describe the content of your web pages. Users cannot...

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