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What is the difference between Bitcoin and Traditional Money

For the past few months, Bitcoin has been the centre of attention around the world. Everyone seems to be talking about cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is no longer something that pertains only to internet miners, instead, it is starting to become more mainstream. Bitcoin and other forms of crypto-currencies were originally created to ease the process of electronic payments and to stray away from central authority. However, nowadays more and more people have started to invest in Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. At the current moment of writing this article, Bitcoin’s market value is higher than that of Netflix. This has many...

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What is Bitcoin technology and how this currency is changing the world

What is Bitcoin technology and how this currency is changing the world Bitcoin is a currency like a euro or the US dollar, used to exchange goods and services. However, unlike other currencies, Bitcoin is an electronic currency that has novel features and notable for its efficiency, safety, and ease of exchange. Their biggest difference compared to other currencies, is a decentralized currency, so no one controls. Bitcoin has no central issuer as dollars or euros, the cryptocurrency is produced by individuals and companies from around the world devoting considerable resources to mining. Benefits and advantages of Bitcoin technology...

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