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How the Healthcare industry is employing Big data and Artificial intelligence at work

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence can help hospitals and doctors improve the complete experience of providing healthcare services along with controlling the cost of running several tasks. Putting big data and AI to work for the healthcare industry can bring in remarkable revolutions. There are limitless benefits of employing big data for healthcare operations and using machine learning to streamline several manually performed processes.   “The patient experience can be improved by using big data and AI in healthcare service providing processes” Big data and artificial intelligence have the power to improve a patient’s life and healthcare journey. With...

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9 Artificial Intelligence trends for businesses in 2018

The fourth quarter of the year is the time, to sum up, and make plans for the future. A year ago, in 2017, we published forecasts on what technologies will be on the top during the year. Many assumptions were justified. Today, we again gathered a list of technologies that, according to industry experts, will be crucial for the industry next year. Here are the top AI trends for 2018 Artificial Neural Networks  In 2018, researchers will pay attention to the processing of natural language and neural networks. Deep Neural Networks (DNS) will go beyond the framework of classical...

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