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App Store Optimization: Top 10 tips to increase your App rankings

Do you know what App store optimization is? This technique will make your app appear first in the App Store and on Google Play.  On July 7, 2008, the first mobile app store, Apple’s App Store, was launched. Since then, apps have ceased to be new and have become common features of our routine life. With this scenario, creating an app has also become attractive to companies of all kinds, who have found a new way to engage, educate and retain customers. In such a competitive market, competing against millions of other apps of various kinds that compete for attention...

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5 most valuable mobile App marketing strategies for the Startups

As a development startup, it is very hard for a company to understand the perceptions and realities of marketing automation. After you have developed your unique application, Now its time to face the marketing challenge. Marketing is a long run of procedures that any development company has to go through. When Compared to large companies, new companies are likely to face a greater challenge in reaching out to their audience and making their voices heard, as they often lack labor, infrastructure, and capital. Now the question is how a startup can invent in this competition and how they can make a...

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