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9 Reasons Why Dedicated Hosting Is The Best

Dedicated hosting is extremely beneficial for the websites that have a lot of traffic and are involved in online financial transactions. Even the studies show that in 2019,  the market for dedicated hosting is predicted to reach 6.03 billion U.S dollars worldwide. In dedicated hosting, resources are not shared with the users, hence, it ensures high network uptime. With such hosting, you can instantly get additional resources like processing power or higher bandwidth whenever you want the internet traffic to be in line. Now, let’s look into why your organization should go for dedicated hosting: 1) Cost Saving Dedicated hosting...

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Cons & Pros Of VPS Hosting

Are you in search of a robust web hosting environment for your newly-built website? You must have come across VPS or Virtual Private Server. Relatively, one of the newer forms of web hosting, it has gained in popularity for good reasons. However, still, it is a source of confusion for numerous people looking for a web hosting service for their online ventures. If you are one of them, we have got you covered. As in our today’s post, we will explore – what is VPS hosting? How it is different from other hosting options? And its pros and cons....

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