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Privacy Matters: The Future of Personal Data Protection

The tech world this year has been filled with buzz-worthy topics such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain technology, and much more. But there’s been another giant topic that shouldn’t be forgotten about – privacy. After several hacks in the past few years that have led to millions of people’s personal information being leaked, an enormous spotlight has been directed at big tech in general when it comes to keeping personal data safe and secure. As a result, consumers have become increasingly concerned with what data is being collected on them, and what was being done with the data that...

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Why You Should Change The Default Password On A Wifi Router

A router is one of the most important devices in a network. It helps multiple devices connect to the web. You can call it a networking hub that ensures that your computer and other web-based devices can access the internet seamlessly. Since it is a device which ensures the web is used in a fair manner, one has to take care of things like change of username, password, and the SSID. A wifi password makes sure that only a trusted few users can access the web using the router. A unique and strong password ensures that you are making...

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Technology Features That Improve The Safety Of Your Car

Impressive technology is already here with us. Giant auto companies are spending sleepless nights looking for ways to integrate better technologies in their vehicles as a way of differentiating their brands. Most of these features have the purpose of safety although others improve comfort and convenience. If you are looking forward to buying a new car for personal use or to add to your fleet, safety should be the number one priority. Here are some of the best safety features that are trending today. Automatic Braking System (AEB) Some vehicle manufacturers also call it the autonomous braking system. Although...

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Building A Lower-Power Linear Actuator With Arduino

In fact, modern technologies simplify our lives a lot. We use them in almost all spheres of our life. The modern life is rather complicated and we try to do everything in time. That is why sometimes we do not have enough time to relax. Nowadays, we can find out numerous automation ideas for our daily life. However, most of these ideas require building some mechanisms and utilizing linear actuators. You can get varied linear actuators on the Internet or official shops. Moreover, you can select the right model with the correct characteristics. Also, you can build your own...

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The Advanced Tools Being Used In The United States To Forecast The Weather

Man has always been trying hard to predict the weather conditions in order to facilitate himself in his routine life. With the advancement in knowledge and technology, an exclusive branch of science, Meteorology, was introduced. Meteorological Department was established in almost every country to make the people aware of the upcoming weather conditions. Weather alert system has been introduced throughout the world. With the advent of the latest Android technology, smart phones have also been equipped with the emergency alert software. All these keep the people well aware of the weather conditions around. Likewise, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration...

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