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Top 15 best alternatives to Couchtuner in 2018

Nowadays Movie streaming has been one of the best things that we do online in order to save the money, it is very easy for us to use movie streaming websites. What is Couchtuner? There are multiple sites that offer movie streaming features but out of all Couchtuner is one of the best latest movie streaming sites where you can watch all your favorite movies and shows. Couchtuner allows you to stream all your favorite movies of all the genres. CouchTuner was started in 2010 with a .com extension with an intention to provide all the favorite movies. But later...

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Top 20 Best musically video maker apps for video Editing in 2018

Nowadays videos have become a pivotal part of any Digital marketing strategy. There are many video sharing platforms that allow us to promote our videos. Among all of the YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter, and Snapchat are always busy in attracting and competing for video content creators. Creating and editing videos is very easy because of a large number of Apps that are available in the Play store. For the sample, below we are sharing the top 20 best musically video maker apps for iOS and Android which many companies and video makers use to make social video content. Top...

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How to Activate YouTube on devices via

As we all know that many people enjoy youtube on their mobiles, tablets and computers. Youtube is the popular American video-sharing website that provides different types of educational content, tutorials, shows and videos etc. The youtube platform is compatible with all the operating systems and web browsers. But most of the people likes to watch YouTube shows on their smart TV screen. Smart Tvs can connect to YouTube app, while other TVs need devices such as Kodi, PS3 or 4, Xbox One, Roku and many other devices to connect to it. Each device have different steps to activate YouTube....

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Rising to Facebook Stardom: How to Be Popular on Facebook

Many people wish to be famous on Facebook since this social media platform has a lot of active users. Thus, reaching out to many potential followers is relatively easy. However, gaining popularity should not be limited to having many friends and likes. People should be able to recognize you to sustain your popularity. Here are some ways to be popular on Facebook 1.  Take some time to tailor your profile To become popular on Facebook, you should start with the basic. You begin with updating your profile. You must complete all the necessary information and upload eye-catching photos. For...

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Snapchat:Upload pictures from gallery or camera roll on iOS and Android

Snapchat is a social networking app introduced in 2011 by Snap Inc. Now Snapchat is one of the most widely used social networking app targeted to Android and iOS mobile devices. According to Digital Marketing Ramblings (DMR), Snapchat has 158 million active users across the globe and this number is increasing every day. Because of it Originality and momentary function of sharing your moments in pictures with your friends or record a short video of what you’re doing, many young adults and teenagers, love Snapchat. Though Many other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow posting pictures that...

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