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Why You Should Change The Default Password On A Wifi Router

A router is one of the most important devices in a network. It helps multiple devices connect to the web. You can call it a networking hub that ensures that your computer and other web-based devices can access the internet seamlessly. Since it is a device which ensures the web is used in a fair manner, one has to take care of things like change of username, password, and the SSID. A wifi password makes sure that only a trusted few users can access the web using the router. A unique and strong password ensures that you are making...

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How To Recognize Email Spoofing: The Ultimate Guide

Unfortunately, we can’t always trust the messages that arrive in our inbox. A class of criminals called spoofers, or email phishers, make a living by fooling email users into handing over details or downloading malicious attachments. And they only succeed by being as convincing as possible. According to the cybersecurity and VPN manufacturer Norton, UK consumers lose approximately £4.6 billion to cybercriminals every year, and a big chunk of that comes from spoofing. However, it’s not that hard to protect yourself, and these ten tips should help to learn the skills needed to use email without being ripped off....

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