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Back up your smartphone, Don’t leave the door open for others

Why protect each his property, but when it comes to information, we will carelessly? It is hardly anything more rewarding for attackers as to penetrate into our smartphone. The front door of course one always ends. You press on the car key until the beep signs indicating that the car is locked. even it is accepted that one’s computer is running slow, just so the antivirus software can do their job. But what about the phone? Why so rare to think about who might drop there now? The protection of our phone should be one of our main concerns:...

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OnePlus 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S8+

Introduction In keeping with OnePlus tradition, this year’s OnePlus 5 is an aggressively spec’d phone that aims to be a more affordable alternative to the iPhones and Galaxies of the world, without too many compromises in build quality, hardware, and user experience. The OnePlus 5 is more of an evolution, rather than a revolution, building on top of an already established formula. It is not a dramatic rethinking of the OnePlus phone as a concept, but it does introduce a few interesting and noteworthy things of its own, and it also comes at a higher price than last year’s...

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