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How Automated Cross-Browser Testing Can Reduce Go To Market Time

The demand for testing the code across different browsers is increasing in recent years. The arrival of different mobile devices with different features on a daily basis is the primary reason for the rising demand. Not only new mobile devices but also, browsers including Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox and many more keeps getting added to the kitty on a regular basis. This increases the need for testing codes across browsers or you can say cross-browser testing. So, let’s first understand cross browser testing and how it helps the teams to reduce their go to market times. What...

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3 Steps To Take Before Recording A Video From A PC Screen

Do you want to use screen recording to capture video footage from your PC’s screen? Instead of just jumping straight in and starting to record the video, it would help if you take a few steps to prepare for it. Not only will these steps help you to record a better video, but they may even help to directly improve its quality. The next time you want to record a video using screen recording, you should first: 1. Clean up or hide the desktop and taskbar Clutter is never a good thing, and screen recording videos are no exception....

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What is An EE Signal Booster?

Our lives have become greatly dependent upon cell phones and mobile devices such that we cannot allow poor signals to disrupt our daily routine tasks. And it becomes even more difficult when our homes and offices do not allow proper signals inside. The best way to solve this problem is to get an EE signal booster installed at our homes and offices which can improve the signal detection in our devices. A signal booster is a device which amplifies the weak signals in areas of poor signal reception. It compensates for the shortage of signals and improves signal detection...

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