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What is HITRUST and What Does It Mean for Development Companies?

Has your client, or potential client, asked whether your company is HITRUST certified? More than 84% of health organizations and their business associates have adopted HITRUST as their primary software security framework and are requiring their vendors to be HITRUST certified. If you are a development company that is yet to receive certification, you may be losing out on a great opportunity. What is HITRUST? HITRUST, short for Health Information Trust Alliance, is a form of certification required by organizations that store protected health data. HITRUST provides a holistic approach that is aimed at managing information security risks faced...

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5 New Technologies that are Transforming Startup Business

There’s no doubt about it: digitization is the way of the future. As more and more online software and tools emerge, businesses that don’t get behind these automated technologies are being left in the dust. No one has time to waste on manual data entry and most frugal entrepreneurs would rather purchase a cheaper software platform that can accomplish the same task a more-expensive salaried employee would cost. Old school, pen-and-paper processes might sound romantic in our nostalgic minds, but the truth of the matter is that if you choose not to hop aboard the technological revolution and leave...

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7 Occasions When You Need A Special Banner For An Email Signature

What is An Email Signature Banner? Creating a professional looking email signature has a lot of benefits for business. Disregarding of what kind of service or product you provide, such a signature will make your company more trustworthy. And a beautifully designed banner is an excellent supplement. The cool thing about it, a banner located at the bottom of your signature can be changed anytime. Thus, you can make it display a promotion of some kind, a nice offer, or a scheduled meeting. But let’s discuss everything bit by bit. How Does an Email Banner Work? Banners are meant...

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4 Reasons For Why Every Pitch Should Be Customized

Pitching to other companies to get more sales should be customized in all facets. This is because many companies are pitching all the time and people get inundated with offers. Whether as an individual or a corporate officer, people gradually become blind to the series of new pitches and sales offers when they receive too many. Here are a few reasons why pitches should be more individualized or at least different from what the competition is presently doing. 1. Stand Out from the Crowd When every company within an industry is giving away pens with their brand imprinted on...

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Big Data: What Does It Mean For Your Retail Business?

Retail sales of any products, whether chainsaws or cable modems or cable-knit sweaters, are increasingly using big data to tweak design, inventory, marketing, and sales. Big data is the collection of information about consumer habits and choices that can be tailored to aid companies’ decisions about all aspects of their business including buying trends, moving stock, staffing, and more. Use of public records searches can also be a source of big data: census information that tracks education levels, ages, family size, and population growth can aid businesses looking for places to expand or to find new consumers. Metropolitan areas...

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