Today virtual reality is evolving as the destiny for entertainment. Many big brands like HTC and SONY have already entered the VR market. But due to high cost of these devices many consumers are unable to experience the virtual reality. But enjoying virtual reality is easier than you think.

With your smartphone you can enter into a multimedia virtual reality center (VR) and if you have a smartphone that supports Daydream, the experience will be even better. But before introducing the smartphone in a VR glasses you must install some of the best VR apps. Here are the 30 best VR apps that are available on iOS and Android devices for 2018.

Here are the 30 Best VR Apps for Android in 2018

 1) Within – VR

This application was developed by VRSE works, an award-winning studio specializing in the production of content for virtual reality(VR). VRSE includes several projects that have been made in collaboration with media such as The New York Times and musical groups such as Muse.

The app is completely available for free and is considered as one of the best Virtual reality (VR) app till date. In it you can find a lot of videos that include documentaries, performances, and horror movies.

2)   Fulldive VR

Fulldive is the best VR app for audio and visual content in virtual reality.

This application will help you to find and see a great virtual reality content. It has support for YouTube virtual reality video and incorporates a virtual reality video player and a browser to view content online. It also has a camera, photo gallery and a place to take virtual reality images and browse applications and games within this platform. Totally free, it is so complete that it deserves to be among our best virtual reality(VR) apps.

3)   Space Explorer VR App

Take a tour of a solar system five light years from any known life. Planets and satellites are created from satellite images captured by NASA, making it a perfect choice for anyone obsessed with space.

4)   Trinus VR Lite

It is not a game, but it is the gateway to virtual reality(VR) for all your PC games. With this app you can transmit your computer titles to virtual reality The transmission of data can be done wirelessly or through a USB cable.

The free version lets you try 10 minutes of play each time, but you can use it as many times as you want. The paid version costs € 6.99 but before buying it you are advised to try the free one to make sure that your system works perfectly.

5)   Google Arts & Culture VR

With the virtual reality viewer like Google Cardboard, you can use the Google Arts & Culture app on Android and iOS devices to take a virtual tour of the street art scene in Rome(and many other cities) step inside a creation by famous street artist, Insa(many other artists) or even travel 2,500 years back in time and look around the ancient Greek temple of Zeus(many other).

6)   Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

You are locked in a room and your only company is a bomb that will explode in five minutes. Your friends are the only hope you have. They will help you to deactivate the bomb with some instructions but you have to describe to them very well what you are seeing.  This VR app is the best board game for the 21st century, its price is € 10.99 but the fun has no limit.

7)   Star Chart VR App

This VR app allows you to travel through the solar system from the spaceship “the sofa of the house”. In addition to exploring the closest planets, traveling on arid Mars or between Saturn’s rings we will learn how constellations (group of stars) are formed in the sky and how far away they actually are.

8) House of terror VR App

In this game you have to escape from a haunted house. We will travel through the dark corridors inhabited by monsters and ghosts that will give us the occasional scare. Adventure and fear come together in this game that we can enjoy with virtual reality glasses for smartphone.

9) Incell VR App

Incell VR is a game that mixes action and science. It is set in the human body, specifically in the cell. The user will go through different environments, mixing entertainment and learning. It is an ideal game to start in the virtual world.

10) Wizard Academy VR App

I hope you all like Harry Potter right? In this game you will put yourself in the shoes of a skilled magician and discover the power of magic. You should solve riddles and destroy monsters to achieve the objectives. All this happen in virtual reality so that the magic of truth flows.

11) Sharks VR App

If you are afraid of the sea and the sharks this game can help you to overcome the problem. You will put yourselves in the skin of a diver and dive into the ocean floor.  While we are enjoying the beauty of the sea bed, we must go around the fearsome sharks. This Virtual reality app helps you to overcome fears or phobia of sea.

12) Battle 360 ​​VR App

If you like war and intense action then you will spend a very entertaining time with Battle 360 ​​VR app. Sit in a powerful anti-aircraft(used to attack enemy aircraft) and shoot down all the enemy fighters before they destroy your battleship. Involve yourself in the war of virtual reality. It is one of the best VR app if you are interested in Battle games.

13) VR Cave Flythrough App

If you are claustrophobic (fear of being enclosed in a small space or room and unable to escape), the safest thing for you is not to download this application. If you are an adventurous person, and can download it for free from the Google Playstore and start playing. In VR Cave you enter inside a dark cave, full of surprises and fantasy. Virtual reality greatly enhances the speleological (scientific study of caves) experience.

14) Orbulus VR App

If you like travelling, then you can visit a lot of places without leaving the sofa with Orbulus. , You can choose snowy landscapes, beautiful beaches, deep forests or cities with full of skyscrapers.

15) Titans of Space

Titans of Space offers you the possibility to make a tour through the solar system to compare the size of the planets, freely explore the space, learn about other planetary bodies and much more. As you go through the cosmos you will be accompanied by a soundtrack to make the trip even more pleasant. The application and most of its components are free.

16) Mondly Languages ​​VR App

 Mondly VR Languages ​​is a virtual reality application available in Google play Store. This app creates scenarios in which the user can talk with artificial characters. A new method of language learning that will allow people to experience real conversations with fictional characters. This app mixes artificial intelligence systems that create feedback with users.

The platform includes 28 different languages ​​such as English, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian, Japanese, Thai and Arabic among others. There are different scenarios that create real situations such as a conversation on the train, in a restaurant or the reception of a hotel.

17) Unimersiv

This educational app offers very different contents. In this the user can go through the most important moments of history or an exploration through the interior of the human body or a journey through space. Literature, music, history or biology are some of the disciplines that we can see in Unimersiv.

18) Star Wars VR App

For Star War lovers this is the ideal app. With Star Wars VR you can get into the Star War universe and share experiences together with the leading character of the movie.

19) Insidious VR App

Based on the creepy Insidous movie, in this app you can really feel fear. If you want more experience of the app you must use headphones.

20) VLC for Android

Actually, VLC for Android does not yet have any virtual reality features. However, the beta version of this application is working with this platform and soon we will see it officially. VLC is one of the best mobile video players and virtually supports all formats. The application can be downloaded for free and works very easily. Very soon it will become one of the best virtual reality applications.

21)AAA VR Cinema

AAA VR Cinema is a video player which allows you to play videos which you have stored on your device in virtual reality. We include it in our top 30 best virtual reality (VR) apps for its quality and ease of use. You just have to put the video on your device and use this application to play it while using the Google Cardboard. It offers 180-degree and 360-degree video support. A totally free app if you want to try it.

22) Netflix VR App

It is one of the best VR app to watch movies and TV shows. Netflix VR is the official app that allows users to watch their favorite movies and TV shows in a virtual environment.

23) Apollo 15 Moon Landing VR App

As the name suggests, this application uses images compiled by NASA that simulates in virtual reality the famous lunar landing of Apollo 15. You will be able to experience the scenes as you have never seen them before. The only drawback is that for this we need a high-end phone to enjoy the maximum resolution. One of the best virtual reality (VR) app for free of cost, which you must try.

24)Google Cardboard app

The official Google Cardboard application has some of the best virtual reality experiences you can enjoy. Among all the most prominent is the use of Google Earth to fly or make a virtual tour of different places. In addition, the application allows you to watch videos that are stored on your device in virtual reality. It also includes a directory with the best Android applications of virtual reality, games and much more.

25) Cardboard Camera

Cardboard Camera is another best virtual reality (VR) application among all VR apps. The focus of this application is to take virtual reality images. It is very easy to use and it is not even necessary to register with an account. Simply download the application and go. It is true that your first photos are not going to be surprising, but as you use them you will take the practice to enjoy it to the fullest.

26)Expeditions VR App

Expeditions is an application that is specially designed for the field of education. However, it can be used for whatever you want. It has more than 200 expeditions to dive into. You can see destinations, monuments, landscapes of all kinds and many cities. There is a 360 degree mode that works without Google Cardboard. The app is available for free and very easy to use. This is the reason why we considered it among top 30 best virtual reality apps.

27) Google Street View

Google Street View was recently updated to support virtual reality content. The new update allows us to see all the images through the Google Cardboard. It is a technology featured in Google Maps and Google Earth which provides panoramic views from different positions of the streets in the world.

 28) Storyboard VR App

Storyboard VR  is a free prototyping and visualization tool that can be used by architects, AEC professionals, artists and creators. It allows users to incorporate, organize, scale and animate simple 2D assets. The creators of Storyboard VR, the Artefact design office, developed it for their own internal use of  VR projects. They created their own tool to quickly and easily generate VR experiences prototypes.

You can create and upload transparent drawings and environment maps from existing sketch tools to VR Storyboard, then select your assets and create a storyboard. The ease of use allows designers to share ideas and get early feedback in the design process. Storyboard VR also includes slides (sequential scenes) providing something like a VR version of PowerPoint.

29) Bohemian Rhapsody Experience

The Bohemian Rhapsody Experience offers a three-dimensional audio visual effect with “interactive elements and spatial sound, which allow you to step inside the music”. You will get inside the mind of the legendary Freddie Mercury. That explosion of creativity of the artist made a whole experience to try to discover the depths of his imagination. Something we should all see at least once.

30) Eve Gunjack VR App

Gunjack VR was developed by EVE online gaming franchise. It is a simple, play shooter for the Samsung Gear VR. Sit in a powerful anti-aircraft(used to attack enemy aircraft) and shoot down all the enemy fighters before they destroy your battleship. Involve yourself in the war of virtual reality.

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